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Perkembangan Terbaru Onikomikosis .doc 90.00 kB Unduh
Pharmacological Aspect of Anti Herpetic Drugs .pdf 421.97 kB Unduh
Resistensi N.Gonorrhoeae .pdf 14.73 kB Unduh
The Difference Between Recurrent & Chronic Vulvovaginal Candidiasis .pdf 71.68 kB Unduh
The Prevention Of Recurrent Recalcitrant Dermatoses Treated By Systemic Corticosteroid .ppt 7.31 MB Unduh
The Role of Immunomodulator in the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections .pdf 145.87 kB Unduh
Tinea Kapitis pada Bayi & Anak .pdf 5.89 MB Unduh
Tinea Nigra Palmaris .pdf 31.80 kB Unduh
Epidemiology of Dermatoses & STI Travel Illness in Tropical Countries .pdf 3.05 MB Unduh
Approach to Travellers with Skin Lesions & STI .pdf 6.54 MB Unduh
Recommended Travellers Immunization Schedule in Adult & Children .pdf 8.94 MB Unduh
Vaccine Under-study: HIV & non-HIV Vaccine .pdf 2.64 MB Unduh
Vesiculous Eruption of Viral Infection in Tropical Countries .pdf 3.46 MB Unduh
Prevention & Treatment of Post Herpetic Neuralgia to be travelling .pdf 4.80 MB Unduh
Viral Exanthema in Tropics .pdf 388.22 kB Unduh
Cutaneous Lesions from Coastal & Marine Organisms .pdf 120.15 kB Unduh
Topical Antibiotic in Dermatology for Travellers .pdf 2.49 MB Unduh
Treatment & Prevention of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Dermatologic Infection .pdf 390.18 kB Unduh
Condom & Prostitution .pdf 2.06 MB Unduh
Vaginal Diseases Associated with Increase level of Lactobacillus during Travelling .pdf 1.83 MB Unduh
Gonorrhea & Vaginal Discharge in Tropical Countries .pdf 2.82 MB Unduh
An Approach to Manage Anogenital Pruritus .pdf 121.03 kB Unduh
Update Treatment of Inguinal Intertrigo & Its Differential Diagnosis .pdf 165.06 kB Unduh
Update Treatment of Malassezia Sp. Related Dermatoses .pdf 2.19 MB Unduh
Increased Risk of a Very Specific Set of Mycosis in Immunocompromised Patients .pdf 1.35 MB Unduh
How To Prevent & Manage Sunburn when Travelling? .pdf 1.88 MB Unduh
Protection Against Insect bites while Travelling .pdf 1.65 MB Unduh
Contact Dermatitis in Travellers .pdf 1.56 MB Unduh